Moonlit Date

Moonlit Date- paper sample 05

It’s paper sample time again. Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media this time around, which weighs 265gms according to my snooping around the net. I must have been tired when I started this and accidentally painted over the info part, hence the writing showing up at the top. Oooops.

I spent a lot of time doing this, had I know that beforehand I’d tightened the sketch up a bit before plunging into it. However I didn’t, and after all I’m doing these to find papers I’d like to work on, not to create fantastic pieces of art, I mean they’re small and full of info from the manufacturers already. I wanted to draw mushrooms in evening again though, so this was a nice excuse. Too much babbling about unimportant stuff, onwards to my notes.

The Bamboo did well with my markers, the result looks good but it’s heavy and sucks up a lot of ink so I won’t be using them together too often. Inking with dip pens was much better than I expected from the rougher texture and I enjoyed it, the microns didn’t look all that smooth though. Watercolors worked excellent on it, ending up nice and smooth and generally yummy nummy. Inktense pencils and blocks needed a lot of scrubbing to get smooth, so next time I think I’ll mix them up with water before hitting the paper. Pencils was neat on it too, I really enjoyed working with the harder ones on it. Neat cause I normally prefer really soft pencils. All in all a good paper, and I’m probably getting more.

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