Introductory Rambling

Hey, this is your over-caffeinated zombie speaking and I’m here to bring you some useful useless facts about myself.


Name: Bente Iren Larsen
Born: spring of 1984
Current location: southern Norway
Contact me: hi@teazombie.com

A Few Favorites

Childhood hero: Thor Heyerdahl

Movies: Boondock Saints, Død Snø (Dead Snow), Kung Fu Panda, Peter Pan (2003), Sin City

Comics: Requiem Vampire Knight, Preacher, Eon, Cat Claw, Hellblazer, Bone

Books: Good Omens, Harry Potter, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Games: Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, The World Ends With You, Kingdom Hearts, Mister Gimmick, Rayman, Critter Crunch