Last of the Paper Samples

paper sample 09 lanaquarelle satine

Yeah you read that right, this is the last paper sample of the bunch. Probably won’t be the last time I’m babbling about paper cause I actually like rambling about such things. Also I have a new drawing pad that I haven’t tried before so consider yourself warned.*grin* It’s also practical to have my notes online instead of in some random notebook prone to go missing amongst all the other notebooks around my place.

Anyway, what I got my mitts on here was a sheet of 300gsm Lanaquarelle with a satin finish, hot pressed in other words. It’s one of those papers I just like to feel up like a weirdo as it’s real nice to the touch. Working on it was enjoyable as well, not my favorite with the watercolors but if I couldn’t get my hands on something with a rougher grain I wouldn’t mind using it. It was however really delicious in combo with my markers. I have to conclude that when it comes to heavier stock I prefer fine grained watercolor over marker paper for my Copics. I liked using my softer pencils on this as well, not to mention Inktense didn’t take as much scrubbing to get loose. Neat. Harder pencils worked alright, and inking gave no problems. A likeable paper that.

Why does she have no arm? I don’t know, I guess she lost it… but she still have good music.

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