Paper Sample Number Eight

paper sample 08

Now for something completely different, to me at least. A little sheet of Hahnemühle Sumi-e, weighing 80 gsm. I think I got this one because I bought an Asian style brush to test out and let me tell you, I had absolutely no idea what I got myself into with any of ’em. It’s a good thing they both turned out fun though, though errr… the drawing turned out rather wonky. Got a bit carried away trying stuff out. I used a pen nib and fineliner as well, but mostly I messed about with the brush. That orange color you see there? That was me spilling tea on it before trying it. Yeah, need to get a bit more careful, but I always say that. It was neat to see how different this paper behaved from what I’m used to, although it made me feel like a total noob. Then again that’s what I am. Gotta try make friends with the brush, there seems to be a whole lot of fun effects to get outta it. Then maybe I should grab some more of the paper and see where that leads me… but that’s further into the future. Weeee!

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