wonderland and snowflakes

Ooops. Apparently I forgot to post the last drawing from the advent calendar *head desk*, I did do the sketching on time though. There’s still no scanner around, so the image quality isn’t all that again. Last theme turned out to be wonderland.

I’ll be back over new year, so till then… god jul og godt nytt år:D

Inside Egg and Jewelery

inside eggs

Yesterday’s theme- inside eggs. Thanks to the lady on the train for theidea to put a nisse inside.

teazombie- jewelery

Jewlery. Or another excuse to draw a snowman.

Sorry about the image quality, no scanner’s in sight at the moment. I’ll come back and update them somewhen in the future;)

Northern lights

northern lights

Northern lights, probably the thing I miss most from living in the north.

Every kid knows if you wave at the northern lights with a white cloth it will come and get you. The brave ones will do it anyway then leg it to a safe hiding place, like under the bed away from windows. The lights will evetnually get bored looking for them and go away, thus the kids avoid a cruel destiny.

Fallen Angel

adevnt calendar, fallen angel

Fallen angel. There’s nothing quite like falling into a heap of snow and getting stuck in it, especially when you’re not dressed for the weather… and a pink bunny is there to witness it all.



I ain’t cheating, I baked them with my sister:P

Okay, you can have some drawings as well.

deep frozen

Deep-frozen was the theme of the 14th.

wrapping paper

…and wrapping paper turned up the 15th.



Warm- that wonderful feeling you get with a hot cuppa cocoa after a day well spent making snowmen;)

I know there’s a lot of images missing. They’re done, I just didn’t want to upload shitty tablet pictures this blog. While I’m working on scanning and cleaning up the rest of the calendar you can have a peek at my tumblr to see the missing pieces.

Evil Straw Goats

evil straw goats

Now for something a bit different;) The theme of today turned out to be evil straw goats. It was great to get the opportunity to do something else than snow and blues for a bit. So human munching straw goats it is. I probably had entirely too much fun making this.



Snowman hid inside today’s envelope. The idea and sketch came incredibly easy, the color not so much. It was fun though.