Artslam and watercolors

watercolor mixing chart

Earlier this month I doubled my amount of watercolor tubes, which of course led to a screaming need of a new color chart. I had seen this mixing chart over at wetcanvas and decided to make one of my own a day my brain was in too much of a zombie state to even bother about things like lacking patience. It turned out rather sweet, if I have to say so myself. (All but one tube are Maimeri Blus)

First month of Artslam is soon over, I haven’t done quite as well as I hoped for but I signed up for hard mode so there’s always two more months to go on. Have a few sketches/doodles of Death.

artslam 2012- day 8

artslam 2012- day 11

artslam 2012- day 12

-048- Artslam wips

Yup that’s right, I’m doing artslam this year as well. Theme for this month is surroundings, for my part. I won’t bother posting everything I do here… cause it’s all about learning and there are some crash and burns in the mix. However here’s two wips, that will get more work done on them in a bit;)

artslam 2011- day 01 Foresty bog

This was an attempt on making a bog like surrounding, but at the moment it looks more like a little forest clearing. I’m working on getting things right. Floating trees are floating, I know. Oooops.

Here however is something that’s supposed to be floating in the air:

artslam 2011 -day 03 Floating Troll Islands

Floating troll islands:D I had a lot of fun coming up with this, and will probably have a lot more fun expanding this as well.

-035- Artslam 2010- Tarot

Artslam day 3, The Moon

Long time no post, oops.  Anyway, doesn’t mean I haven’t done any sketching at all, quite the contrary.  June started off with artslam over at lj and this year I’m gonna finish it! My theme for 2010 is tarot, and at the moment I’m mainly making a whole lot of thumbnail sketches for various cards. Bouncing from one card to the other,  here’s a few of them (scanned images larger than original).

Artslam day 9, eight of coins

Artslam day 8, The Hermit

…and a whole lot of four of swords…

Artslam day 5, Four of Swords

Artslam day 6, Four of Swords

Artslam day 7, Four of Swords