Redheaded Experiment



I have no idea why I didn’t post this last month… probably busy buying presents and packing I suppose. Oh well, then here’s the little Gimp Painter experimentation that ended up more of a speed paint sorta thing. I used these patterns with the mixbrush to get some of the really nifty things going on. It was fun, but also a good example on the whole paintings are never finished just abandoned thing. Definitely need to get some more textures to play around with.

… and Happy New Year to eveyone stopping by this blog. 2012 seems good so far, so it better stay that way.

-048- Artslam wips

Yup that’s right, I’m doing artslam this year as well. Theme for this month is surroundings, for my part. I won’t bother posting everything I do here… cause it’s all about learning and there are some crash and burns in the mix. However here’s two wips, that will get more work done on them in a bit;)

artslam 2011- day 01 Foresty bog

This was an attempt on making a bog like surrounding, but at the moment it looks more like a little forest clearing. I’m working on getting things right. Floating trees are floating, I know. Oooops.

Here however is something that’s supposed to be floating in the air:

artslam 2011 -day 03 Floating Troll Islands

Floating troll islands:D I had a lot of fun coming up with this, and will probably have a lot more fun expanding this as well.

-045- Jesper


I was in a video call with my friend when I noticed he was sitting still enough for me to draw him,  so I fire up ArtRage and start to sketch him.  What was intended to just be a quick little sketch ended up taking a lot longer… I told him I was sketching him and he critiqued it as it progressed (Skype and that nifty little share desktop thingy,though it makes my machine way too slow to draw with while in use). It took ages getting his nose right. In hindsight I should have drawn this bigger, it would probably be much easier to get it right  faster that way.

Happy new year by the way, even if  we’re already well into February. XD

-044- Reach


More from my experimentation with ArtRage…this little guy coming out of the waves, tentatively reaching out for something a bit more solid than himself.

I’m having a ball trying out all the different stuff, but next time I’m gonna go a bit easier on the paint tubeXD Too much paint on the canvas and I had merged all the layers when I found out it wasn’t working… lead to cursing and meeps and careful, careful editing.

-042- Discovery

I just had a eureka moment.  A couple of days ago I was looking through in my deviantart gallery,  and musing about how my digital work is so much worse than my traditional stuff. So yesterday goes my brain:  “Hmmm, well all this is rather blurry. What to do, what to do. AHA! I shall go fiddle around in gimp with it.” A few settings tweaks later and I go from this…


…to that. Holy crap what a difference.  Now my brain is really revving up, chattering at me a million miles per hour about what to try out next.  Time to jot down ideas, hit the books, and paint til I drop. Amongst other things it would be fun to make a new version of that painting.

-036- Frost Blow

frost blow

I couldn’t fall asleep yesterday, so instead of wasting time staring at the ceiling I got up and did some doodling. Happy to report I see some progress in my work:D