-036- Frost Blow

frost blow

I couldn’t fall asleep yesterday, so instead of wasting time staring at the ceiling I got up and did some doodling. Happy to report I see some progress in my work:D

-030- Sock Week: Day 2, 3 and 4

I don’t care what the calendar says, I haven’t gone to bed yet so it’s still Thursday. So there.  Previous days I did do the drawing, I just didn’t do the posting… shame on me.   Three doodles/sketches from me today then.

sock week day 2

Tuesday’s doodle… not much to say about it.

sock week day 3

Ah, the love between a boy and his sock puppet. The product of yesterday’s scribbling.

sock week day 4

I just had too

…  *chuckle*

A quick doodle I slapped some color on in openCanvas.  She may not be on top of her beauty, but I assure you she’s lots of fun.

-028- Mushroom Week: Day 7

Mushroom week day 7

Last doodle for mushroom week, one day late… bugger.  Should’ve accounted for major holiday and family unexpectedly turning up, just like they tend to do.  It’s been a good week though, and I’m looking forward to do more themed weeks in the future.  Next one coming up in not too long, just gotta turn some of the sketches from this week into finished work first. *grins*

-022- Mushroom Week: Day 1

mushroom day 1

First day of my mushroomscapades. Background on the original was a lot greener than this, but I like how the scan turned out so I didn’t bother trying to fix it.  Alrighty then, back to the sketch books… I swear I’ll do something more than just mushroom with a bit of grass for the entire week.

Markers with hints of watercolor and gelpen.

-020- Sense


Another inked doodle. I really like this one, and I’m heavily pondering whether to make a bigger, and colored, version of it. Probably will, and this time around I’ll make sure to use some paper that doesn’t snag the nib as much. Doh.


sketch book page 25 02 2010

I’ve been reading a lot of art history lately, and it’s doing a world of good to inspire me.  The above pictures comes from my reading up on the vikings and their ornaments.  They’re mere doodles that I’ve inked for the heck of it… it’s been a while since I last did something crowded like that and it was insane amounts of fun. Definitely aiming to do some more of  it.