-14- Når tiden er inne

når tiden er inne

Small watercolor and ink doodle. Experimented a bit with using rolled oats instead of salt for effects. Not to shabby if I have to say so myself, but next time I’m gonna remember to go over with a hair dryer so I won’t have to grumble at the really soggy ones.

-10- Doodlepips #1


I just filled a sheet full of doodles trying to get my head into this wallpaper I promised to make for a friend.  My brain is in need of some serious shaking after two and half weeks of Inkscape… got so awfully busy with it I forgot to sketch. 😛 Do better this week I must.

2009 :D

he pawns

He rules, he pawns

all yer bastards gone by the morn’

Woha, happy new year every one! Have a most splenderificaly shiny one of them. I do know I intend to make the best of it.

I just did this violent little bear to loosen up a bit as I’ve been working all week to grasp  the basics of Inkscape.  So much work I tell ya, but it seems to be paying off. Somewhere in the near future there’ll be some vectors sprouting up on this blog.



A few humanoid beings this time.  I’ve been working on improving my anatomy (well, the one I draw at least… for my very own anatomy I’m actively learning how to be an uber couch potato), I think I can see a bit of improvement, but ah- there’s still so much to learn. *Goes to bury self in anatomy books.*