Redheaded Experiment



I have no idea why I didn’t post this last month… probably busy buying presents and packing I suppose. Oh well, then here’s the little Gimp Painter experimentation that ended up more of a speed paint sorta thing. I used these patterns with the mixbrush to get some of the really nifty things going on. It was fun, but also a good example on the whole paintings are never finished just abandoned thing. Definitely need to get some more textures to play around with.

… and Happy New Year to eveyone stopping by this blog. 2012 seems good so far, so it better stay that way.

-14- Når tiden er inne

når tiden er inne

Small watercolor and ink doodle. Experimented a bit with using rolled oats instead of salt for effects. Not to shabby if I have to say so myself, but next time I’m gonna remember to go over with a hair dryer so I won’t have to grumble at the really soggy ones.