March Wonkyness

Just a couple of slighly wonky drawings I ended up liking regardless.


Markers, they’re so much fun.

Squall doodle

Is that Squeenix fanart? Why yes it is, done with a very blunt 9B pencil at that. My drawings would probably be less wonky if I just sharpened the point of my pencils a bit better. Squall Leonhart doodle, just because I felt like it.



I did some Potter geeking last week, well not a whole lot cuz it’s only a broom… kind of a faded, stained news paper ad for the first Cleansweep.  Oh, and it’s made testing out ArtRage 3’s new features. Damn sweet program,  makes me weak in my knees.

Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling.