It’s a badly kept secret I like to draw mushrooms, so therefore I’m declaring mushroom week starting Monday. Doodles and drawings of fungi for seven days straight… oh heaven.

-020- Sense


Another inked doodle. I really like this one, and I’m heavily pondering whether to make a bigger, and colored, version of it. Probably will, and this time around I’ll make sure to use some paper that doesn’t snag the nib as much. Doh.


sketch book page 25 02 2010

I’ve been reading a lot of art history lately, and it’s doing a world of good to inspire me.  The above pictures comes from my reading up on the vikings and their ornaments.  They’re mere doodles that I’ve inked for the heck of it… it’s been a while since I last did something crowded like that and it was insane amounts of fun. Definitely aiming to do some more of  it.

-14- Når tiden er inne

når tiden er inne

Small watercolor and ink doodle. Experimented a bit with using rolled oats instead of salt for effects. Not to shabby if I have to say so myself, but next time I’m gonna remember to go over with a hair dryer so I won’t have to grumble at the really soggy ones.