-045- Jesper


I was in a video call with my friend when I noticed he was sitting still enough for me to draw him,  so I fire up ArtRage and start to sketch him.  What was intended to just be a quick little sketch ended up taking a lot longer… I told him I was sketching him and he critiqued it as it progressed (Skype and that nifty little share desktop thingy,though it makes my machine way too slow to draw with while in use). It took ages getting his nose right. In hindsight I should have drawn this bigger, it would probably be much easier to get it right  faster that way.

Happy new year by the way, even if  we’re already well into February. XD

-03- Just a few

Heya all! I’ve been out travelling a bit, I come back bringing some sketches. The guy is my first ever train sketch, wo ho!! I love getting around in trains, it’s just I seldom do…. ack. Three life sketches and a screaming rabbit (… and a nasty cold).

three life drawings and a screaming rabbit nov 08