Three Marker Challenge

three marker challenge

I blindfolded myself and picked three random markers! Pale Thistle BV0000 (so damn pale), Blue Berry BV04 and REd Violet RV19-  got lucky with that color group. After a dozen sketches I ended up with this charming little fella, the red violet was just too much like fresh blood I couldn’t help myself. I also recorded the entire thing so here you go, a new video! Now with 67% less stuttering.



I ain’t cheating, I baked them with my sister:P

Okay, you can have some drawings as well.

deep frozen

Deep-frozen was the theme of the 14th.

wrapping paper

…and wrapping paper turned up the 15th.

Evil Straw Goats

evil straw goats

Now for something a bit different;) The theme of today turned out to be evil straw goats. It was great to get the opportunity to do something else than snow and blues for a bit. So human munching straw goats it is. I probably had entirely too much fun making this.

March Wonkyness

Just a couple of slighly wonky drawings I ended up liking regardless.


Markers, they’re so much fun.

Squall doodle

Is that Squeenix fanart? Why yes it is, done with a very blunt 9B pencil at that. My drawings would probably be less wonky if I just sharpened the point of my pencils a bit better. Squall Leonhart doodle, just because I felt like it.

Second Paper Sample

Here’s another one of those paper samples… not my best, but I told myself I was gonna post everyone of them so here it is. A 200gsm Hahnemühle watercolor board this time (Echt-Bütten), totally okay paper but I liked the first one better. I painted over their logo this time, so that’s the little red rooster in the right corner, in case you were wondering.  Also I need to get a little bit better at controlling my Inktense use, cause they kinda get stuck on the top bumps of the paper. There’s only one way to fix that, keep using them;)

Lady Tea Time

paper sample 01

Last month I got my hands on a bunch of small paper samples, and instead of doing my normal squiggly lines with a bunch of different drawing equipment I decided to do it properly. First one out is a sheet of Hahnemühle Britannia (300gsm), which is real nice. I’ve usually used 200gsm paper and the difference in paper crinkling was a whole lot more noticeable than I thought it would be. I have a whole pad of this waiting to be used, so that’s gonna be fun.

That’s Lady Tea Time, by the way, and it was a lot of fun making her hair filled with stuff. I definitely want to do something more outta her. I think that red eyed, tea begging ghostie might just be a shrink. Ouch, crackers at the boobs. That must be annoying, lets pretend they’re just funkily shaped lace.