Last of the Paper Samples

paper sample 09 lanaquarelle satine

Yeah you read that right, this is the last paper sample of the bunch. Probably won’t be the last time I’m babbling about paper cause I actually like rambling about such things. Also I have a new drawing pad that I haven’t tried before so consider yourself warned.*grin* It’s also practical to have my notes online instead of in some random notebook prone to go missing amongst all the other notebooks around my place.

Anyway, what I got my mitts on here was a sheet of 300gsm Lanaquarelle with a satin finish, hot pressed in other words. It’s one of those papers I just like to feel up like a weirdo as it’s real nice to the touch. Working on it was enjoyable as well, not my favorite with the watercolors but if I couldn’t get my hands on something with a rougher grain I wouldn’t mind using it. It was however really delicious in combo with my markers. I have to conclude that when it comes to heavier stock I prefer fine grained watercolor over marker paper for my Copics. I liked using my softer pencils on this as well, not to mention Inktense didn’t take as much scrubbing to get loose. Neat. Harder pencils worked alright, and inking gave no problems. A likeable paper that.

Why does she have no arm? I don’t know, I guess she lost it… but she still have good music.

Paper Sample Number Eight

paper sample 08

Now for something completely different, to me at least. A little sheet of Hahnemühle Sumi-e, weighing 80 gsm. I think I got this one because I bought an Asian style brush to test out and let me tell you, I had absolutely no idea what I got myself into with any of ’em. It’s a good thing they both turned out fun though, though errr… the drawing turned out rather wonky. Got a bit carried away trying stuff out. I used a pen nib and fineliner as well, but mostly I messed about with the brush. That orange color you see there? That was me spilling tea on it before trying it. Yeah, need to get a bit more careful, but I always say that. It was neat to see how different this paper behaved from what I’m used to, although it made me feel like a total noob. Then again that’s what I am. Gotta try make friends with the brush, there seems to be a whole lot of fun effects to get outta it. Then maybe I should grab some more of the paper and see where that leads me… but that’s further into the future. Weeee!

Tasty Apples

Paper sample 07- tasty apples

I painted over the top part again>.>

Extra rough 230gsm, Hahnemühle Echt-Bütten.Definitely watercolor paper that’s for sure. The watercolors look nice, and I liked working with markers on it more than I should, but pencils, fineliners and dip pens were a bit of a pain. Roughed up the surface of the paper a bit too easy, but oh the texture looks nice.

It’s a little green apple dude, he uh, likes apples. Yep.

Kawai Sparkles

Kawai Sparkles paper sample 06

How unexpected, another paper sample. Isn’t it just the cutest ever? Sparkle, sparkle shiny eyes. I had so much fun making this, oh yeah.

Paper used is Hahnemühle Nostalgie, 190gsm and it goes real well with most of the stuff I threw at it. Heh, it even did much better with watercolor than I expected from a paper this smooth, and flat tone copics and the color pencils looks absolutely yummy. Nice.

(Yes, I know it’s spelled wrong- that’s why I did it).

Moonlit Date

Moonlit Date- paper sample 05

It’s paper sample time again. Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media this time around, which weighs 265gms according to my snooping around the net. I must have been tired when I started this and accidentally painted over the info part, hence the writing showing up at the top. Oooops.

I spent a lot of time doing this, had I know that beforehand I’d tightened the sketch up a bit before plunging into it. However I didn’t, and after all I’m doing these to find papers I’d like to work on, not to create fantastic pieces of art, I mean they’re small and full of info from the manufacturers already. I wanted to draw mushrooms in evening again though, so this was a nice excuse. Too much babbling about unimportant stuff, onwards to my notes.

The Bamboo did well with my markers, the result looks good but it’s heavy and sucks up a lot of ink so I won’t be using them together too often. Inking with dip pens was much better than I expected from the rougher texture and I enjoyed it, the microns didn’t look all that smooth though. Watercolors worked excellent on it, ending up nice and smooth and generally yummy nummy. Inktense pencils and blocks needed a lot of scrubbing to get smooth, so next time I think I’ll mix them up with water before hitting the paper. Pencils was neat on it too, I really enjoyed working with the harder ones on it. Neat cause I normally prefer really soft pencils. All in all a good paper, and I’m probably getting more.


papersample 04

He walks across the land with his kettle in hand, the fragrance of tea lingering in the air leaving you wanting.

Another paper sample here… Lana Bristol 250gsm. Markers worked real nice, but the watercolor messed up the surface a bit though I expected as much.

She of the Bees

papersample 03

Third of the paper samples, a bee lady and her pet snake or snake informant, I don’t know. I really like how she turned out, I think I’m gonna do a bigger and better version of her sometime. Lanaquarelle this time, and as I haven’t cropped away anything of the paper you can find the specifications on top (I sketched too big and it looked odd cropped, so yeah<.<) . This paper was yummy.

Second Paper Sample

Here’s another one of those paper samples… not my best, but I told myself I was gonna post everyone of them so here it is. A 200gsm Hahnemühle watercolor board this time (Echt-Bütten), totally okay paper but I liked the first one better. I painted over their logo this time, so that’s the little red rooster in the right corner, in case you were wondering.  Also I need to get a little bit better at controlling my Inktense use, cause they kinda get stuck on the top bumps of the paper. There’s only one way to fix that, keep using them;)

Lady Tea Time

paper sample 01

Last month I got my hands on a bunch of small paper samples, and instead of doing my normal squiggly lines with a bunch of different drawing equipment I decided to do it properly. First one out is a sheet of Hahnemühle Britannia (300gsm), which is real nice. I’ve usually used 200gsm paper and the difference in paper crinkling was a whole lot more noticeable than I thought it would be. I have a whole pad of this waiting to be used, so that’s gonna be fun.

That’s Lady Tea Time, by the way, and it was a lot of fun making her hair filled with stuff. I definitely want to do something more outta her. I think that red eyed, tea begging ghostie might just be a shrink. Ouch, crackers at the boobs. That must be annoying, lets pretend they’re just funkily shaped lace.