March Wonkyness

Just a couple of slighly wonky drawings I ended up liking regardless.


Markers, they’re so much fun.

Squall doodle

Is that Squeenix fanart? Why yes it is, done with a very blunt 9B pencil at that. My drawings would probably be less wonky if I just sharpened the point of my pencils a bit better. Squall Leonhart doodle, just because I felt like it.

-032- Sock Week: Day 6 and 7

My internet connection went down yesterday, hence I didn’t get to update..but here it is now:

sock week day 6

The king is mighty pleased by the news, oh yes he is.

sock week day 7

Another sketch quickly colored in openCanvas. I actually did a small acrylic version of it first, but unfortunately I messed it up. Note to self, need to figure out how to make my own half tones for oC…

-030- Sock Week: Day 2, 3 and 4

I don’t care what the calendar says, I haven’t gone to bed yet so it’s still Thursday. So there.  Previous days I did do the drawing, I just didn’t do the posting… shame on me.   Three doodles/sketches from me today then.

sock week day 2

Tuesday’s doodle… not much to say about it.

sock week day 3

Ah, the love between a boy and his sock puppet. The product of yesterday’s scribbling.

sock week day 4

I just had too

…  *chuckle*

A quick doodle I slapped some color on in openCanvas.  She may not be on top of her beauty, but I assure you she’s lots of fun.

-10- Doodlepips #1


I just filled a sheet full of doodles trying to get my head into this wallpaper I promised to make for a friend.  My brain is in need of some serious shaking after two and half weeks of Inkscape… got so awfully busy with it I forgot to sketch. 😛 Do better this week I must.

-06- IF- Balloon

IF- balloon

My entry for this week’s Illustration Friday.  Doodled with a mechanical pencil, then colorized in gimp. I actually really like how it turned out, so maybe I’ll make a more refined version of it later on.