-038- Loot and a Quick Study

X here used to be a photo, ’tis no more. The artist forgot to back up, so it went swoosh out of the door.

I hit the used stores Saturday, and this is what I came out with. Already I want a bigger book rest, that thing is damn useful… The Great Japan Exhibition is full of  great stuff, I feel inspiration jumping at my back every time I open it.  Neat.

shadow study

Went outside to catch some lovely vitamin D, and what do I spot? The plant by my feet is casting excellent shadows. No way can I let this opportunity slip, so I got me some paper and here’s the result.

-037- Sørlandet Tattoo

Edit: Woe is not backing up your photos.

Friday was bloody awesome. I got up early, and went off to Kristiansand for bag pipes in the streets and a whole lot of band music later in the evening.  The pics I took outside didn’t turn out particularly good, but enjoy some from the evening itself.


Their hats cast excellent shadows.


The dutch, they opened their act with Enter Sandman. 😀 😀 😀


March on.


Those are some awesome hats. Yes they are.


Juggling around with spades, fuuuuuuuun 😀


…then they got their uniforms on and started to throw around guns with bayonets.  It was wicked!

(… and made me terribly nervous >.>)


I love, love, love bagpipes ♥ These pipers came over from Copenhagen. They may not be the largest band around, but that’s still the largest amount of bag pipes I’ve seen live.

Easily the biggets band there, a fire brigade band from Germany (if I remember correctly).

…and then my camera ran out of battery:( I missed out on the closing act with all the performers in the hall. *sniffles* Also the photos of the dancers that were in between turned absolutely bollocks.  Dear Santa, please bring me a new camera for xmas. It does not have to be big and buff, just let the shutter speed be faster and the battery stronger.

It was an evening to remember.