wonderland and snowflakes

Ooops. Apparently I forgot to post the last drawing from the advent calendar *head desk*, I did do the sketching on time though. There’s still no scanner around, so the image quality isn’t all that again. Last theme turned out to be wonderland.

I’ll be back over new year, so till then… god jul og godt nytt år:D

Artslam and watercolors

watercolor mixing chart

Earlier this month I doubled my amount of watercolor tubes, which of course led to a screaming need of a new color chart. I had seen this mixing chart over at wetcanvas and decided to make one of my own a day my brain was in too much of a zombie state to even bother about things like lacking patience. It turned out rather sweet, if I have to say so myself. (All but one tube are Maimeri Blus)

First month of Artslam is soon over, I haven’t done quite as well as I hoped for but I signed up for hard mode so there’s always two more months to go on. Have a few sketches/doodles of Death.

artslam 2012- day 8

artslam 2012- day 11

artslam 2012- day 12

-041- Things From My Current Sketchbook

In early May I got myself a sketchbook and decided to do one drawing in it everyday.  I lost some days here and there, but overall I kept it up, by the 2nd September it was full. I couldn’t stop there, so I promptly went and got myself a new book and I haven’t lost a day yet;)

Sketchbook page

First page, testing a whole bunch of different materials to see how they work with out. The Copics are doing great in this one, well most of the things I’ve tried are faring well.  Good book, even if you look like 70s tapestry on the outside.

sketch book page

Mister bunny, how much do you see with a finger in your eye?

sketch book page

Autumn is flowing into your brain, let it in and enjoy it while it lasts.

sketch book page

I’d love to turn  this thing into something more,  I felt really serene doing this.  Come to think of it, inking usually have that affect on me, especially when there’s lots of details. Like deep, wonderful meditation.

-035- Artslam 2010- Tarot

Artslam day 3, The Moon

Long time no post, oops.  Anyway, doesn’t mean I haven’t done any sketching at all, quite the contrary.  June started off with artslam over at lj and this year I’m gonna finish it! My theme for 2010 is tarot, and at the moment I’m mainly making a whole lot of thumbnail sketches for various cards. Bouncing from one card to the other,  here’s a few of them (scanned images larger than original).

Artslam day 9, eight of coins

Artslam day 8, The Hermit

…and a whole lot of four of swords…

Artslam day 5, Four of Swords

Artslam day 6, Four of Swords

Artslam day 7, Four of Swords

-032- Sock Week: Day 6 and 7

My internet connection went down yesterday, hence I didn’t get to update..but here it is now:

sock week day 6

The king is mighty pleased by the news, oh yes he is.

sock week day 7

Another sketch quickly colored in openCanvas. I actually did a small acrylic version of it first, but unfortunately I messed it up. Note to self, need to figure out how to make my own half tones for oC…

-030- Sock Week: Day 2, 3 and 4

I don’t care what the calendar says, I haven’t gone to bed yet so it’s still Thursday. So there.  Previous days I did do the drawing, I just didn’t do the posting… shame on me.   Three doodles/sketches from me today then.

sock week day 2

Tuesday’s doodle… not much to say about it.

sock week day 3

Ah, the love between a boy and his sock puppet. The product of yesterday’s scribbling.

sock week day 4

I just had too

…  *chuckle*

A quick doodle I slapped some color on in openCanvas.  She may not be on top of her beauty, but I assure you she’s lots of fun.