Sunday Watercolor Studies

A sketch from the hill.


The hot summer has carried into a warm, laid back fall and Sunday it turned into a tiny adventure. Armed with my trusty sketchbook, watercolors  and thermos I went exploring the backside of my little hill.

Heh, well the thermos only lasted 10 minutes before taking it’s last breath and drenching my right side in the process. Still, after wrenching some water out of my clothing, I got some nice watercolor studies done.

Refreshing my anatomy

studying anatomy

In January I bought myself that other kind of tablet, discovered Zinio was already installed and promptly bought Imagine FX’s anatomy issue. I’d wanted it for a while, but the paper version just didn’t turn up anywhere I looked. Sadly the e-version doesn’t come with the disc content, but beggars can’t be choosers or so they say. After flipping through it for some days I decided it was time to really use it for what it’s worth and so a plan to do 30 minutes of study five days a week unfolded…

First I’d read through the chapter the evening before starting, it went something like “gobblegook babble pronated lorem ipsum”.The morning after I reread the chapter and it now only went “gooky pronated lorem ipsum”, then I’d get to the drawing. Monday to Friday, give or take 30 minutes depending on how focused I’d feel, I got the study done. First day of drawing I had some left over paint on my watercolor palette so without really thinking I used it to outline the figure, it helped me spot mistakes and looked rather good so I decided to keep at it. Drawing through the chapter there wasn’t more gobblegook left. Then I’d start on the next one, reading and rereading.

Occasionally I’d miss a day or two, and hell, March I was kind of sick of it and ignored it for some weeks, but it was nothing I’d berate myself for… just sat back down and started at it again. There’s probably about two weeks left before I’m done with the human anatomy. Then there’s the one on animals which I’m gonna wait a bit before starting, need some shorter things to do for a while after this.

…but what?

-038- Loot and a Quick Study

X here used to be a photo, ’tis no more. The artist forgot to back up, so it went swoosh out of the door.

I hit the used stores Saturday, and this is what I came out with. Already I want a bigger book rest, that thing is damn useful… The Great Japan Exhibition is full of  great stuff, I feel inspiration jumping at my back every time I open it.  Neat.

shadow study

Went outside to catch some lovely vitamin D, and what do I spot? The plant by my feet is casting excellent shadows. No way can I let this opportunity slip, so I got me some paper and here’s the result.

-033- Sunset study

sun set study

The sunset today was absolutely lovely, so I did a quick watercolor study watching it.  One of my favorite things in the world is to sit down with a cup of tea and observe how the sky changes when the sun goes down. Better than telly, and completely free.