Warm- that wonderful feeling you get with a hot cuppa cocoa after a day well spent making snowmen;)

I know there’s a lot of images missing. They’re done, I just didn’t want to upload shitty tablet pictures this blog. While I’m working on scanning and cleaning up the rest of the calendar you can have a peek at my tumblr to see the missing pieces.



Snowman hid inside today’s envelope. The idea and sketch came incredibly easy, the color not so much. It was fun though.



Today’s theme turned out to be icicle. Apparently I used so pale colors my scanner didn’t really feel like picking up the ones at the bottom:P I could probably have done something a bit more interesting with the theme, but I have a lot of other things to do today so slight cop out it is.

There exists iridescent watercolor mediums, it’s a pity they don’t really show up on scan. But hey, real life sparkles. Just have to remember to use it with it’s own brush. And palette. And water.
…gonna go un-sparklifying my scanner now.

Kong Vinter

kong vinter

o_O What’s this? The Ice Queen and King Winter both turning up in the first three day’s of my calendar? Strange. I’m rather satisfied with this one, especially considering I almost mucked it up completely a couple of times. This paper was not made for lifting color off when it first is there. I saved it though.

Faint Light

faint light

Second day of the advent calendar… didn’t go entirely as I wanted it to. The theme was faint light and I thought it would be awesome if I just made this tiny lamp post with a person standing under it in an ocean of mist. It was one of those ideas that only sound good in my head, too much dead space. So I added a branch. It improved it a little, but not by much. It’s okay, I have a fire burning and cocoa, and there’s a new theme tomorrow. Onwards!

Ice Queen

ice queen

The first of December is here and so my advent calendar begins, this year I’ve stuffed a whole lotta envelopes with small sheets of paper with themes on them.

Hidden in the very first envelope was the theme: ice queen. She’ brings ice and cold and snow to man and animals alike. It’s true, she’s been here too. Today when I woke the first snow of the year was outside:3 Sadly it wasn’t wet enough to make snowmen, but hey.

The painting took about three hours from start to finish, one for the sketch the other two to paint. The paper is really just around A6, but it looked good upscaled so I kept it that way.

One down, 23 to go.

Lightning Mischief


I’ve updated my gallery with this dude. He is a new god that got his powers when the old thunder god found life boring and decided to swap places with a popular prankster he’d spotted. He’d gone to bed human and woken up a god with no say in it what so ever. Not that it mattered, do you know how much havoc a guy can cause with lightning?

Second Paper Sample

Here’s another one of those paper samples… not my best, but I told myself I was gonna post everyone of them so here it is. A 200gsm Hahnemühle watercolor board this time (Echt-Bütten), totally okay paper but I liked the first one better. I painted over their logo this time, so that’s the little red rooster in the right corner, in case you were wondering.  Also I need to get a little bit better at controlling my Inktense use, cause they kinda get stuck on the top bumps of the paper. There’s only one way to fix that, keep using them;)

Lady Tea Time

paper sample 01

Last month I got my hands on a bunch of small paper samples, and instead of doing my normal squiggly lines with a bunch of different drawing equipment I decided to do it properly. First one out is a sheet of Hahnemühle Britannia (300gsm), which is real nice. I’ve usually used 200gsm paper and the difference in paper crinkling was a whole lot more noticeable than I thought it would be. I have a whole pad of this waiting to be used, so that’s gonna be fun.

That’s Lady Tea Time, by the way, and it was a lot of fun making her hair filled with stuff. I definitely want to do something more outta her. I think that red eyed, tea begging ghostie might just be a shrink. Ouch, crackers at the boobs. That must be annoying, lets pretend they’re just funkily shaped lace.


-047- A wip and Update on the Image Situation

A little work in progress, I’m planning on expanding it upwards;)

I finally bit the bullet and I’m now working on getting the old images back online. Can’t say it’s been the most fun I’ve ever had,  but it has to be done.  I’ve gotten about halfway through, so that’s it for me today… my head’s kinda fried.